Surprising flavours… intriguing tastes

The cocoa used in the salad dressing and the pork in mole sauce delighted the diners for its deep rich flavour which was difficult to identify as chocolate.  Cheese and crackers with a bitter chocolate topping was well received.  Last but not least, the prune and chocolate sorbet wowed everybody present. A fitting way to end an intriguing exploration of the many faces of chocolate.


The SOUTH WEST AFRICA POP UP RESTAURANT was a great success !!

A dream I’ve had for a long time… to take people on a culinary voyage of discovery to experience the vibrant tastes and smells of the cuisine of Burkhina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Benin and Togo.  Where West Africa meets East Devon.

These are traditional family dishes given to me by schoolchildren – not what you’ll find in a tourist restaurant:


Welcome non-alcoholic cocktail:
– Zoum Koum : a festive drink, made with tamarind, ginger, pineapple and millet flour. (from Burkina Faso )
– Cocktail Bissap: Hibiscus drink with lemon and sparkling water. (Across West Africa and beyond…}

Gboma Dessi and Akoume:
– Also called “sauce feuille”, Gboma Dessi is made with a mix of spices called “Gbotemi”. Traditionally it is made with either beef, prawns, crab or smoked fish; on this occasion, we will make it with prawns and fish. (from Togo, with variations in Benin, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Ghana )
– Akoume, Ablo, Toh or To, depending on country, similar to a dumpling. Traditionally this is designed to be eaten with a stew or pie)

Kedjenou, Fufu and “ Sauce Graine”:
– Kedjenou with “Poulet bicyclette” a type of chicken unique to West Africa; this is quite different from the chicken we eat in the UK or Europe; it has very little fat and has longer legs. I will cook this in a light sauce. Sauce graine is made with palm fruit. Fufu also know as Foufou and Foutou with plantains (similar to a banana, across West Africa)

– Boussantoba:
African bean pancake (Burkina Faso)

ripe banana sweet savoury main course sharing delicious treat
plantain banana

– Hibiscus sorbet – all children in West Africa eat this in little bags like ice lollies

– Coconut mousse with caramelised pineapple.

Vegetarian & Gluten-free Demo & Lunch

Leftover mashed potato pizza with mushrooms and artichoke

Cannellini bean and lemon cake

Very nice participants.  Thanks to everyone

Light and fluffy coconut mousse, rhubarb coconut oil and coconut sugar

Cheap & tasty courses. Demonstration & lunch

Sidmouth SeaFest 2018

Demonstration & Lunch using leftover rice
The youngest participant!!!

Toilet Twinning Zero Waste for Charity

” …Great dinner, tasty food for charity, 4 courses for £10.00…”


Onion tatin tartelette
Preparing pear in caramel sauce served with lemon verbena and rosemary ice cream and brandy snap leaf