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I like nothing better than home-made jam on my toast in the morning, so late summer and early autumn in our house is always a hive of activity.  We try to stock up for the year on jams and chutneys.  Once my children are asleep I get the pan out and the house is filled from top to bottom with the smell of cooking fruit.  So far this year we have made the following jams: apricot (my favourite), raspberry & rose, greengage & vanilla, rhubarb rose & cardamom, plum orange & cardamom, strawberry, hibiscus jelly. The cupboard is beginning to look satisfyingly full.

New in Ottery St Mary 

FILLFULL shop, where the Post Office was before… good prices…nice staff…a place to visit with empty pots and jars!

An little example of what we do at home. We love that!!

Ready for jam & compote. Recycling, re-using, preserving in jars to save money. Buying fewer processed products saves energy for the earth. X

L’image contient peut-être : nourriture
L’image contient peut-être : nourriture
Apple and blackberry compote .
Apple and rhubarb compote .
Jamaican tomato sauce.
Apples and vanilla.
Apples and cinnamon.
Leek salad.
Vegan couscous.
Vegetable confit.
Vegan terrine.
and more….
Why Not? Leeks boiled or steamed until soft and juicy …eat warm with a sharp Dijon mustard dressing, good bread and tofu or boiled eggs.   A must try

Lava baguette..pineapple tomato..pan con tomate. Less than £1 for a family of 8!

L’image contient peut-être : nourriture

The better vegetables are… the better life is!  Look at those beautiful tomatoes…

L’image contient peut-être : nourriture et intérieur